Sunday, May 17, 2009


Okay so we have cancelled our trip and will take it for a later date... Thats okay, we went shopping and got alot of stuff instead! A lot of new shirts and shoes... Which was very necessary; I originally need a pair of jeans but I have yet to find a good pair since I've gained weight :-(

But I had an allergic reaction to something and now my face broken out in hives but i'm not sure what it is... I only have one allergy and thats to a medication... its soo weird... :-?

Well just a small update nothing else going on....... Oh I have an idea, Maybe you guys can request for me to write about something; Like how I feel about a random concept, idea, clothing food, religion, culture whatever!!! And I'll be honest!


sheri amor said...

how about your experience of having a boyfriend? haha :P sorry for the stupid idea

Abby Quijano said...

i was thinking of your view with religion and whether you believe in god or not.. but what sheri said was good too, i like that idea.