Monday, June 1, 2009

Moving.... Grrr!

Sorry its been a lil while I've actually had things on my mind to write about but as I told y'all before I was moving back to my mothers and now it is done! I still have a lil setting up and decorating to do but I'm officially back at the bottom of my totem pole... Which got me to thinking about statring over especially with the economy struggling as it is...

Young people shouldn't be so stressed out about moving out on thier own and parents also she push them unless they get a full ride to college. Most stay at home until their established or married. Why can't we as americans? Young independance should not be based on living in a dorm or having your own apartment.... Maybe handling your personal business and having or trying to have a job to contribute to your home and family. And yes it is a nice expierence to have your own space but also very stressful if your not ready or prepared!

And on the plus side you can save money to do all the fun things you should be like, traveling and slurging. I wen to a play last week and relaized I haven't seen as much of the arts as I would like because I've been so wrapped up and stress with trying to support myself which I was not ready for. On the news they have stated that our genertion is a new generation that is following other cultures and times and staying when they turn 18, and they should although at 18 your legal; your not mentally and after a hard headed last few years I see that myself :-) It's okay to stay home enjoy your youth! why should we rush to be adults? I always had fun as a child!


Abby Quijano said...

oh man! i get what you mean! like i never understood why people want to leave home... i mean i guess it's nice to live on your own but i don't think i have the guts to do that sometime soon. but im glad that you're back with your parents! there really isn't anything wrong with that. i think it's the media that's shaking us up! HAHAHA

sheri amor said...

well.. I havent experienced moving before.. but It'll be such a waste for me if we would move now.. :( i have so many memoirs in my childhooh here :( I can't really blame you if you didn't like it. I hate it too