Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long time!

Hey all I know its been a long time. I've had a lot going on these last few months since moving back to my moms.

I have now started back to school taking 3 classes: strategies for success in college, world religions, and biology of women. none of these classes apply to my nursing degree but its my first semester back in school and I'm hoping it will help me get my feet wet and gain perspective. I'm really nervous about being officially back in school especially while working a full time job; I know it will be hard but I'm hoping to keep up.

I'm currently in the process of looking for a new job I had 2 interviews with wells fargo bank for a teller position, I feel I feel I did well in my interview but I haven't heard back from them yet; which I'm really hoping to get. I feel like I'm going to loose my mind if I don't get a new job and I also feel like I'll fall behind in school if I can't find something part time that doesn't cause as much stress.

I'm also trying to find myself religiously; I've been on the fence about Islam my whole life but now that I'm learning more I feel I'm ready to commit :-) I now feel its time to focus and push away from all the people who don't believe in GOD or act as if they believe. And although I've been on the fence about my religious walk I have always believed in GOD. But for the record I am still very liberal :-) I can't stop being open minded!

Any body have any words of encouragement? Please


Abby Kihano said...

OMG!!! *BIG HUGGG!!!!!* YOU'RE BACK!!! I was really sad when I noticed that you haven't blogged! I thought I wasn't going to hear from you ever again! :[ me and you go way back in blogger! actually ... me you and sheri! LOL ! and we were just talking about you like last month! we were really curious as to your where abouts! but im so glad you're back!

and i'm glad that you're starting over FRESH! I'm glad that you're taking initiatives :] i'm so proud of you!

ill hear from you again?

Ebony said...

Yup I'm back, I'll make a piont to blog atleast once a week!

Anonymous said...

ebony!!!! it's sheri!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!! abby's right.. we've been looking for u ever since!!
sorry about signing in as anonymous.. I can't open my blogger for a while.. It's good to be back!!!!!! we missed you so much +hugs+

sheri amor said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!- sheri and abby XD

mapple said...

Hi there! I saw your smiling picture at Sheri's page and I decided to visit your story ^^
Good luck to you. I'm also building a path to find a new better job. The current job is not too fun anymore (or maybe it's just me who don't be thankful enough for what I have).
In my opinion, seeing people with their own backgrounds is unavoidable. Some of them have bad atmosphere, and the others are good. All we can do is by being ourselves and stick to the faith. Anyway, that's just my thought :)