Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Progress... Dreaming about seattle

Well I have made some progress in school. but I have decided to drop one of my 3 classes which was world religions. I still haven't found a part time job and working 40 hours a week I can only handle the 2 classes. I'm sad but I'd rather do well in the 2 than alright in all 3.

Other than that I'm just waiting on financial aid so I can get a new car... And waiting to hear back about my interview from wells fargo bank now 3 weeks its would be the perfect job and the manager called last Monday to let me know their still going over some stuff so I haven't lost hope only because I really want the job.

Still living at my mothers for now, trying to save money or at least spend it on the right things like bills... The only thing keeping my there is the idea of me and Marcus moving to Seattle next year... We've just about become obsessed with being close to the pacific ocean and the adventure of some where new; where nobody knows us.....


sheri amor said...

aw.. goodluck.. I see ur focused on your work, that's why ur still very busy.. :) i hope everything goes well with you and ur bf :) also to ur future plans

Que B Eazy said...

... Im glad to hear that you are seriously thinking about moving to Seattle. I promise you that you will not regret it. Its beautiful here .... you'll fall in love from minute 1 :)