Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art school???

So I really love fashion and would love to be a desighner have my own clothing lines but I feel I'm not creative enough... I was told you don't need to be able to draw to be a desighner, becuase drawing is not an option but for me but I do enjoy it... Is it possible to make a career out of something when their is a strong chance you may not be talented enough??? My original plan because their hasn't been a plan in my heart all along was to be a nurse... Something there's security in and I could be very talented at I have a special gift for sciences even though I don't feel i'm smart once it's there it sticks. I even took a career test hoping to reveal my hearts true desires and art was 7th! on the list which I'll paste at the end of my blog as proof... So as a gesture to ignite the passion in my heart that I have for fashion, I will start to compile my ideas in a fashion blog :-) I feel friday will be a good day for it! And to any curious about the career test that will lead you to what your good at not what in your heart :-/ I also thought it was funny that fianance is at the bottom... Seeing as thats my main issue I don't want to spend alot of money on school and come out with nothing even if I could get loans to cover it all....

From http://www.rocketcareer.com

Career Track

1) Health Care 100 %
2) Natural Sciences 94 %
3) Teaching & Education 62 %
4) Sports, Media, & Entertainment 48 %
5) Community Service & Social Sciences 38 %
6) Engineering & Architecture 32 %
7) Creative Arts 27 %
8) Technology 19 %
9) Business & Management 17 %
10) Hospitality & Service 14 %
11) Finance & Management 7 %

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