Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heros~Random thoughts

So I do have to admit I'm rather late but I'm I am now on board... I've started the series of hero's and I'm so hooked I'm only on the first season, I really want to watch this season but i like to go in order so I know whats going on. I'm the biggest kid you'll ever meet I've been obsessed with the possibility of the super natural forever...

So of all the super hero's and fairy tales the "ability" or "talent" I would like... It's hard but one of my favorite super hero is super man with super ability's all around the board; flying is my favorite of his I like the Idea of being like a bird.

I've always had dreams of hang gliding, jumping of buildings, sky diving; sky surfing, and another random one is is teleporting through different elements of space.

So I now pose the question if what if it isn't just some writers imagination? Theres been theories of gods and goddess's, witch's and warlocks, elves, vampires, creatures of the night, people with super abilities, and aliens. Soo did some early time drug addict come up with this or is it a possibility?

And I'll be the crazy one to admit it... I think so :-)

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Abby Quijano said...

drug addict? possibly. or someone with a crazy miind.. but it's also nice to exercise the mind.. >.<

oh my favorite is spiderman.. i really dunno why.. his character just makes me happy.. but if i had a super power.. i think it would be to control people's mind!! not some silly invisibility and such. LOL