Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday 13th

Soo me and My hubby celebrated our lovers day early since its the easiest we went to the Mall of America (even though every day is date for us cuz were dorks in love :-) First we started with our favorite french food crepes at crepe stand (oh la la) then walked around the mall cuz I was stuffed; like a greedy american I got nutella, strawberry and banana's on mine (yum yum) and he had the spinach with extra Swiss (yum yum).

We figured a matinee would be nice so ironically we went to see "He just not that into you". It was funny and romantic :-) but I'm also a big sap... Oh and how exciting we sat in the VIP movie theatre 21+ crazy this is new to me but you check in and they take your snack order, go in and the chairs are bigger and and have nice tables for your snacks and the chairs actually recline ( not like where you sit and have to push the chair in front of you to lean back) while watching previews the nice man who checked us in brings us or popcorn buttered to perfection, drinks with straws and napkins. It was nice and relaxed and you don't have to worry about middle school students who are just barley old enough to see the movie being corrupt and ruing your movie going experience, not to be a snob cuz I was once one of them but this can be rather bother some once your out of high school.

Then off for more adventure to moose mountain for mini golf but this got kinda tiresome after 5 holes since were both A.D.D there was also a line so we couldn't just go straight through our game but we still made it fun...

Next was off for random window shopping we saw an interesting computer and one of those stands its a super computer it was crazy we were like moths to lite; it was blue and had some coolant oil running through the whole thing or they had one where it was completely sub-merged, it was super fast and super expensive... after indulging ourselves we finally asked the price and it was only $2,900!!! And we left ;-) off to our favorite store urban outfitters to explore as usual....

From there it was to midtown exchange for some food I got egg roll noodle salad and Marcus had curry chicken from safari and we both enjoyed our favorite drink bubble tea...

Then stopped by my moms for a few hours to visit since she put me up to buying here some ribs and I had to pick up my W2's.

Then home to cuddle and talk and eventually pass out since I had to be up and at work by 5 :-(

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A Written Heart said...

someone had a really good day! I'm quite jealous now, but I'm glad that you shared your little valentine day adventure with everyone.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a VIP room for theatres? they don't have that here.. i supposed it's cuz everyone is always watching movies... and stuffing them in a VIP room would be just about the same as the reg rooms? Who knows.

anyway, thanks so much for your warm and kind comment about my written work.. >.< i really was frustrated with the guy.. so i really dont have a valentine story to share with everyone :[

hope to read from you soon!