Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IDK... Random thoughts....

I haven't had much on my mind to blog about the last couple days... I've just been working and being irritated with my job; customer service sucks I really want a new job where I don't sit on my butt all day, I've applied to jobs so we'll see what happens... If I don't find something in the next couple months I'm going back to school for my pharmacy tech license cuz I hate being on the phone, I would prefer to deal with people in person, for some reason their not as inclined to curse you out... Even though its not my fault they don't know how their insurance works, and threaten me like I care if the switch companies

But on the up site I found a cosmetology student who is going to give me a free mani and pedi on Craig's list! I love criagslist you can find the most random and useful things I also will go pick up two bikes on Saturday for $40. The deals :-) I'm such a junkie for craigslist since I just sit at my desk all day waiting for people to call, if its not busy I can find a lot of things like a hair stylist who will do extensions for half the price of these other cracked out stylist....

I think I'll start a hair blog as well if anyone is interested??? I'm obsessed with cosmetology but I can't bring myself to go to school for it since it doesn't pay very well especially now a days... I'm slowly learning to do all the things I take pleasure in myself, my sister loves my pedi's. and I'm good with basic styles I just hate to do my own hair :-P

I'm to the point of rambling now but Its 6AM and I'm bored at work I've only been here for an hour unfortunately... But on the upside I've only gotten one call, maybe I'll nap at my desk till my co-worker gets in and yells at me for not doing any work

TTYL ~Ebony

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A Written Heart said...

wow. have to admit im one of those really "mean" customers... and i apologize for that. on the other hand, i think having a job that keeps you busy and on your feet is quite worth while so i hope you find a better job soon!