Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring cleaning

So I have decided to do some spring cleaning but not the usual clean the coats out of the closet; I mean cleaning out myself getting rid of all the bad and making my mistakes right again... This will be the second vow of mine to do all of these things but it takes times (right?).

So saturday I baught a bike even though it keeps snowing and I may not be able to ride it for another month, I'm going to loose and keep my weight off and that will help; once its warm enough I plan to ride it to and from work and any close errands I can do :-) I use to do that all the time until my bike was stolen but I was slim, I've gotten lazy driving.

My next task is friendship with family I've been working on it but felt it was one sided and gave up, I intend to make it possible for it not to be one sided and be more friendly and invited. I received a note on myspace from my best friend in high school who asked if we could be friends again, at first I was rather skiptical but I do miss her; I have alienated alot of friends since graduating high school for many reasons but hers could have been avioded.

My fiances suck right now I could be so much. Looking at my W2's I made a decent amount of money for someone who hasn't gone to college yet but I didn't take care of anything that I needed to. So this year I will bring my credit back up which used to be really good and now its poor :-( also getting my own car....

But gotta work now.... To be continued ;-)


i am abby said...

lol ! that's awesome! ive never heard of spring cleaning: emotionally and physically! that's clever! well i wish you good luck on everything! and riding a bike doesn't sound so bad either!>.<

also thanks about your advise! i felt really bad that my phone was taken away.. i just wish people would be honest about things! >.<

sheri amor said...

i agree with her.. sometimes spring cleaning may be rough. And i saw your pictures and I don't think you should loose some weight. ^_^