Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loosing weight?

Why do they call it loosing weight? why wouldn't they call it getting rid off or killing excess weight because its not like I would want to find it if I lost it :-/ So I'm really frustrated and it seems like the more I want to loose weight, the harder it is... I have even gained a few pounds! I find myself starring at the scale wondering why it has a vendetta against me! I haven't been doing a specific diet or meal plan I just try not to eat bad foods and excede 1,500 calories especially since I don't work out that should be good, right? I try to to work out but don't always get to it now I have 30 pounds to loose now. It seems like it will never happen.... This has been a very frustrating thing for the last 4 years for me, I lost weight once before and gained it back worse than before; it seems impossible now, even though I did it before :-(


sheri amor said...

I know. that's very frustrating girl.. I tried losing weight before and I realized it's not effective. Studies show that when you force ur self to reduce weight. When u feel the urge of eating u'll eat 2 times more than before. Do sfter 6 diets

Breath of Light said...

I gotta tell you the truth, it's WORK especially if you are trying to drop 30lbs in a heathly way. You need to change your life. Starting with becoming more active. Don't call it working out. Just DO something active. Dancing (one of my faves), walking (around the lake or neighborhood), Running (if that's your thing). But cutting calories only works as long as your cutting them. You get hungry and eat too much, you're back at square one.

Also, leave the scale alone. Try taking your measurements (bust, waist, hips, thigh, neck, bicep) and remeasure every month. That helped motivate me a few years ago when I dropped around 30lbs.

And hopefully these tips will be of some help or inspiration to you.


i am abby said...

im so glad you brought this subject up because im struggling at the same time... i ended up gaining five pounds last time i tried my a loosing weight diet ... but i think i agree with "breath of light" with the whole... don't think it's a diet but do a life style change... so it'll be more long term!!!

i love reading you entries by the way! :}