Sunday, March 29, 2009

URggHHH! My weight!

Okay so I know everybody says oh you can't just go off the number on the scale but lately I can; I haven't worked out since December and I have no muscle mass. So what I'll do for now is cardio so I can burn fat that weight I can look at the pounds I loose... I don't really want to build muscle mass; I especially wont focus on it since its inevitable. But Today is the day! SERIOUSLY!!! I know I've been harping on it and whining... But I'm deed serious I want to drop 10 pounds by 04/20 which is my birthday and that means really cracking down so starting this evening I will be working out; This year is the year I turn my life around not only will I loose the weight again... But I will keep it of and I want every one to hold me to it! Now I know 20 days is close in order to loose 10 lbs so I'll account that it may be 6 lbs which is healthy. And every Sunday I'll take measurements not just rely on the scale; and also take pictures. So I can see the difference for myself. I'm now officially done with being over weight; I want to be me old curvy but petite/ athletic self. So I'll be hitting the gym 6 days a week at least 4-5 days for an hour to hour and half. Anyone want to join me in loosing those pounds??? I have a long way to go but it may go by faster if I know there's someone out there doing it to. :-) So I want to loose 35 pounds; usually the first pounds are easiest so My first goal is 10 pounds. Wish me luck! And any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Abby Quijano said...

you go girl!! i wish you a good luck!

sheri amor said...

wow... 10 pounds? I never tried loosing weight like that .. be easy on your health girl^_^