Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I work at a customer service call center and we get paid base pay I'm not ashamed so I'll admit I get paid $12.79 and depending on how well you do like any customer service job you get paid for your performance. Well we've been going through changes as far as quality where someone listens to your call and grades it based on how well you covered all info. patience, nice and everything that needed to be given to the person regarding what they called for. They've now cracked down and what used to be 101% is now 95% which some would say is not bad still but in order to get an extra .50 cents 101%, 102%= $1.00, $1.50=102%, $2.00= 103%, 2.50 = 104% and finally $3.00 = 105%. So you see my $12.79 an hour which is far from enough for the crap I put up with can become $15.79 which make this pice of shit job partially worth my time >:-/

But since my manager failed to tell me my break scheduled changed 11 days into the month, I don't get it. WTF!!!!!!!!!!


sheri amor said...

they pay you with that? why not try and find another job?

Ebony said...

I mean i get base pay which isn't bad at all but the extra helps, and economy sucks right now you have people with masters degrees working lower jobs, its really hard here to find a job especially of you only have a highschool education

sheri amor said...

oh that's why, our economy right now sucks too, even though some people graduated college. They don't get jobs or they are out there underemployed argh!!!XO