Monday, March 23, 2009


Does it grow?
Does it fade?
Do you love with your whole heart;
or just part?
Is love true?
Sometimes it makes me blue...
Does love Rhyme like this poem?
Or is it wild like a boheme?
If love is lost can it be found?
Like a sock with a basset hound.
Does he love me or not, he told me once;
but I forgot....
I wear my heart on my sleeve,
some times his I can not see.
Is this love true?
Or am I in love with you?
I'm confused, do I make sense; or dollars?
It's a rainy day...
My heads in another place from my face.
My heart is in the shade.

1 comment:

sheri amor said...

love is something indescribable. Love is something we have, love is not cruel or unkind but it is wonderful it's the faults that ruins everything up not the love^^ mwah nice poetry^^