Monday, March 23, 2009

Its official!

So I have swallowed my pride ( with my boyfriends convincing). I am moving back in to my mothers house. Now some may not feel this to be to bad, I mean my sister has and she's 34 and she's content especially the part where she saves alot of money, which will make it easier for me. But me I'm stubborn and hard headed and I love to do things my way. which is why I moved out in the first place, which isn't hard to do in minnesota since its affordable; but now its time for me to crack down and get serious about going to school, which I'd liked to have finished by the time I'm 25. I was so nervous to talk to my mom, IDK why but I was; she's happy that I'm serious about going back to school; Especially since she told me I should just go for nursing. I was being difficult but it turns out I could actually be a really good nurse; I found this out from doing my clinicals in nursing assistant class. So there we have it step one!


Eternal Sad Clown said...

Hey, first of all, thank you for commenting on my blog :).
Living with a family member is always fun, I would be so happy if my parents or my family lived around here so that I could 1. save money and 2. dont have to go through the homesickness phases. hehehe. and I personally believe that nursing is a really important occupation in the very near future!!! THeres going to be more elders than there will be youngers. Who are going to be taking care of the elders? our generation! ^^

sheri amor said...

wow you go girl.. nursing is a very nice course.. to tell you the truth It's my course.. and you know to yourself that you are capable of doing what you really wanted in life. and as to your parents, I'm sure they are happy that you are back.. ^_^