Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22nd

So today is earth day and it is also my niece's birthday she's 14 now! I remember when she was just a baby :-) she's beautiful and smart; I know if my brother were alive he would be so proud of the young lady she's turned out to be. I don't get to spend as much time with her now since I turned 18 I've been running trying to get my life together but she's always on my heart.

I also have an interview with Dunn brothers coffee today! I'm ready to get rid of my dead beat call center job and go back to school full time* So that's why I'm looking for a coffee house job. I'm excited I miss working at coffee shops! So far I worked at Nordstrom e-bar in the mall of America as well as Starbucks and Dunn brothers (but only for 2 weeks :-) but coffee is fun and interesting to me; I don't know why. Oh maybe cuz I've been addicted since I was 6 years old when I used to steal sips of my moms (@_@) I would love to own my coffee shop one day. Once I'm done with nursing I plan to pursue it. Right now I'll try and work my way up in the ranks! I would like to be supervisor within a year; but we'll see how the interview goes first.

Wish me Luck!!!

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sheri amor said...

starbucks here is famous, and i think working in a coffee shop is good. Maybe we all like working there because of the aromatic smell of the coffee and the envi. ^_^