Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally warmth

So it is finally warm in Minnesota! It is even suppose to get up to 75F/23C today. I love the heat :-) I have even started to ride my bike to work and on errands. I have not lost any weight but I do feel with the extra bike riding home from work and on errands it will drop off in no time (*~*) I also did my taxes last mintue :-(


Abby Quijano said...

yay! i love the warm weather too! im glad you're enjoying the weather! well over here in california it gets cold too but i guess not as cold as it gets there O_O i can't imagine anything more colder than CA. anyway.. hope you're able to stay in task and able to fulfill your goal on losing weight!!! :}

sheri amor said...

haha,, wanna exchange countries ebony? update me more of your adventures okay girl^_^ 'bout your loosing weight, it takes time girl^^