Monday, April 27, 2009

People suck!

So I have this friend from high school who once upon time used to be my best friend. She is now in the navy active duty, But we almost never talk and she only calls when she's in town or a close by state. I feel like she only calls to hang out with me to occupy some time; And I don't really know her anymore its been 4 years since highschool and I can count how many full conversations we had. I think that if I were really a friend there would have been more effort to talk every once and awhile. I also understand were grown up and have lives I have mine to but its not that hard to send a e-mail or chat for 15 minutes even if its just to catch up. I have a life to and I can't drop it cuz your in town for a few days and didn't give prior notice; I have a life just because I'm not in school out of state or full time; or not active duty; doesn't mean that I'm not just as busy! But I can keep in touch and care to for people who care about me! And are actually there for me when I need them not just around when its convient for them! URGGGHHH!!!!!! People who read my blog are closer to me right now!


Abby Quijano said...

omg that's the same thing with me... i feel like my best friend and i are drifting apart.. >.> i actually cried about it at one point. but you know what? if you really care about the friendship... try to call her instead of you waiting :}

Ebony said...

Yes I know i could give it one more chance since she put herself out there... I just feel like I have tried alot over the last 4 years.... your always so positive!