Saturday, April 11, 2009

No voice....

So I lost my voice Tuesday and now its completely back! It was so crazy I sounded like Minnie mouse.

I've never lost my voice before, especially not for 2 days! But then of course I began to think what if my voice never came back? How hard would it be to not have a voice; especially since I'm so used to talking and singing. That could really frustrating not being able to respond immediately and the thought of having to learn sign language or writing everything down would be crazy.

It was scary and I now appreciate the ability to speak!


Abby Quijano said...

im glad you got your voice back! and it's true what my grandpa tells me... the best things in life are for free... and im certain that he's right on that one..

sheri amor said...

loosing my voice is a no NO!!!! hihi i'm glad it's back ^_^ army? is it difficult there? by the way I already added you in my myspace account^_^ I saw your boyfriend :D yiheee^_^ tctc