Sunday, April 19, 2009

A story about Ebony

I haven't really written much about me lately and to be truthful; I've been wrapped up in thoughts of my situation, which hasn't had me feeling so happy. It's also hard to write negative things especially since I know anyone could read my blog; and I have to admit I can be really negative and I don't want my blog to be me ranting when it's suppose to be me discovering myself. Even though I know everything wont always be sunshine.

And since tomorrow is my birthday I figure I'll speak a little on myself; I personally love it when people tell me who they are so I'll tell you guys a little about my life up until now. And I will post photos tonite I swear, as soon as I get home from work.

So I was born on 04/20/1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On a Monday the day after Easter :-) The same day as Hitler 04/20/1889 and the same day years later of the columbine high school shooting/ massacre 04/20/1999. :-( Also national weed/ marijuana/cannabis day because cops code for people smoking pot is 4 20.

I was raised in Minnesota even though my mom was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Lambert,Mississippi; a small town! Which she ran from and I'm happy. Then there's my father who was born in Chicago,IL and actually was hooked up with my mom by his brother and came to Minnesota.

And here you have Me an African American girl in the inner city of Minnesota and I don't like this term but to explain me I'm an Oreo like the cookie; black on the outside and white on the inside. Many cultures have their version. basically your one nationality but act like a Caucasian/European American. So I talk like valley girl and wear preppy clothes and hang out with allot of white people growing up; in Minnesota which is very common to be mixed race or have interracial relationships because it's predominately white, even though theres every culture under the sun here were a small percentage.

I grew up in a single parent home with my mother. My father who i no longer speak to has been in prison most of my life. I'm the youngest, I have a sister who is 13 years older than me shaped me in a major way making sure that my horizons are broad and I keep an open mind to everything especially other cultures. And had a brother 15 years older he baught me my first pair of name brand shoes. He was murdered 19 days after my 8th birthday and 17 days after my niece was born; she'll be 14 on 04/22 they grow up so fast :-)

I was a terrible student never higher than a C average but I was social and athletic, I'm surprised I graduated :-) My first job was in nordstrom espresso bar making coffee :-) My first boyfriend was a loser :-/ I went to every high school dance and was stood up for the last one prom, which I now don't have a picture from but i was beautiful that day. I hung around every crowd throughout my school days from skaters, smokers, preps, rockers to the girly mean girls. But friends came and went betrayed and used; And grew apart, and moved on.

I graduated and joined the army reserves. tried going to school; I met my boyfriend we moved in together. then tried working I worked at Macy's then Starbucks, then doing insurance verification. Then I found out it was time to go to Iraq; but during training before we left my shoulder fell out the socket while I was on the range, I ended needing surgery and didn't have to go. A blessing is what Marcus (my boyfriend) called it :-)

Now I work at call center for insurance and I plan to quit once I get money for a car, and start over to work at Dunn brothers coffee and go back to school full time for nursing; and move back with mom, next month....

Well I'm being long winded... I'll post pics tomorrow hopefully


sheri amor said...

1 thing: ebony is a sweet girl :) even though I dunno u, u r really^_^ and that's how simple you are to me ofcourse

Jamerican Muslimah said...

I know this is about you but you forgot to mention that you have a BEAUTIFUL older sister whom you practically worship, lol. Seriously though, reading the family history you've laid out is both sad and hopeful. Sad because our lives have been so chaotic. Hopeful because we're a resilient bunch; weren't not on drugs or somewhere self-destructing. We've broken one family curse- being unwed teenage mothers.

The future is the grace of G-d.